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Penn Hills School District

As we move closer to an anticipated vote by our Board of School Directors  on Wednesday, August 12, I wanted to update our PHSD families with more specific details about what's being proposed for the start of school.  Attached you will find an enhanced version of the guiding document we shared a few weeks ago when we introduced our latest family survey.   Survey results to date are as follows:






Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếp# Respondents 

Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếpYES: Respondents WHO Want Some Version of Onsite Learning 



Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếpPAT 24/7 CONNECT Card 


Family/Student Driver 


Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếpPH/Krise Vehicle 


973 of estimated 1,310 total enrollment = 74 % 


½=268 per day in A/B hybrid 








Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếpLinton 

Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếp584 of estimated 707 total enrollment = 83% 


Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếp½= 140 per day in A/B hybrid 








938 of estimated 1075 total enrollment = 87% 


Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếp½ = 272 per day in A/B hybrid 









In anticipation of Board approval next week that would allow a hybrid option for those families who want to begin immediate transition back to onsite learning, Principals in all schools have developed teams who will continue reaching out to individual families to confirm school return preferences.

Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếpAs your family makes final decisions about what is best for your Penn Hills student(s), please consider the importance of face coverings, maintaining six (6) feet of separation at all times, frequent handwashing, and remaining in the home for those who demonstrate any symptoms associated with potential COVID-19 exposure.  If your household includes younger students, and you intend to pursue hybrid learning options, please begin practicing these essential activities to help promote and maintain good health among all members of our extended school community. 

Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếpMore information will be forthcoming from Building Principals regarding hybrid team assignments (if applicable), transportation schedules, and ChromeBook distribution, pending Board approval to proceed on August 12.

Our Athletics and Activities Director is also expected to provide more guidance next week regarding the status of formal practice among Fall Sports teams.

Xổ số Vũng Tàu trực tiếpAs always, please do not hesitate to reach out should you have additional questions and/or concerns.

Take care,

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